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Grocery Retail Automation Report

The Grocery Retail Automation Report addresses the increased digitization across the grocery industry and provides expert insight into leveraging AI and automation to combat macrotrend issues and create superior customer experiences. 

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What’s in the report? 

  • Four use cases for automation  

  • Exclusive industry data on the adoption of technology 

  • Customer success stories 

  • How to address the “digital first” threat 

  • Expert advice on alleviating labor shortages and achieving ROI in 2023 


Be the Best in Fresh with Invafresh




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About this Report

From optimizing in-store operations to boosting profits and reducing shrink, the benefits of implementing technology into grocery retail operations are well documented. For grocery retailers looking to stay ahead of the curve, and build their competitive advantage, now is the time to make strategic investments into existing and upcoming technologies to meet the demands of today's unique market. This report leverages industry data gathered in our Grocery Innovation Study to present four use cases for automation within your grocery retail operations. The report dives into why and how automation should be implemented and can be used as a guide to influence your business strategy.

About Invafresh

Invafresh is accelerating the digital transformation of retailers around the globe with the only centralized, cloud-native platform solution designed specifically for grocery retail. Driven by real-time data analytics and enhanced by AI and ML technology, our platform allows retailers to optimize demand forecasting, merchandising, replenishment, and compliancy and sustainability under one centralized platform.