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Missed us at FMI Midwinter Executive Conference 2023?

We’ve got you covered. For a full recap of the event and our key takeaways from some eye-opening keynotes, make sure you check out our latest blog post.

It’s also not too late to book a complimentary demo to learn how  Invafresh's Fresh Retail Platform has helped 350 grocery retailers around the globe create measurable value to deliver impactful results.

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Over 350 Retailers Worldwide Trust Invafresh!

food waste reduction

Food waste

inventory management perform periodic financial counts

Fresh revenue
transacted daily

less time spent checking dates

Less time
checking dates

reduction backroom inventory

Reduction in
backroom inventory 

fresh sales growth

Fresh sales

annual benefits

Realized annual

An Introduction to Invafresh

Invafresh is accelerating digital transformation with the only centralized, cloud-native platform solution designed specifically for grocery retail. 
Driven by real-time data analytics and enhanced by AI and ML technology, our platform allows retailers to optimize merchandising, replenishment, and compliancy and sustainability under one centralized platform.

A Unique Solution for Complex Operations 

ML Forecasting

ML Forecasting

A single forecast engine for streamlined workflow automation and data-driven operations. 

Built in Analysis

Built-In Analytics 

Enterprise reporting and actionable insights to achieve your operational KPIs.

End to end approach

End-to- End Approach 

Forecasting to food waste management, markdown strategies, and food donations; all aimed at maximizing profitability.

Unified integration model

Unified Integration Model  

Connect to any data source, enterprise system, application, or environment.