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The fresh food market is estimated to grow by 337 million tons from 2020 through 2024. The need for intelligent fresh-centric forecasting designed for the unique elements of fresh movement from time sensitivity, short shelf-life, promotional and seasonal activity, and cannibalization - is the industry's next challenge. 

Join Freshologists, Joe Smirlies and Michael Lang, of Invafresh, as they reveal fresh food demand forecasting best practices that impact how global grocers manage fresh retail operations to prepare and reduce shrink by 30%, increase fresh sales by 5%, improve labor efficiency by 3%, and ensure 100% fresher products in the store. 

Watch this webinar to gain insight on:


Navigate the complex world of fresh to forecast for better decisioning and operations across all points of the consumer experience.


Forecast across fresh food retail to optimize and match demand and supply.

Webinar Presenters


Joe Smirlies

SVP of Product, Invafresh

Joe is recognized as one of the world's foremost experts in sustainable fresh-native technology solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the grocery technology sector, Joe brings the depth and breadth of expertise to service fresh food retailers with innovative technologies to share the future of fresh food retailing. Co-creator of Invafresh's portfolio of solutions, Joe partners with leading global grocery retailers to understand their challenges and deliver technologies to optimize sales, operational processes, and food waste initiatives.


Michael Lang

Executive Consultant

Mike is an innovative problem solver to achieve customer excellence. Mike partners and engages with leading global grocers to drive fresh innovation focused on growth and sustainability. A respected member of many councils, Mike is a distinguished contributor to the Fresh Food Leadership Council at FMI driving insights on technology innovation to shape the future of fresh food retail.